About LIVE THE FUTURE/the show

We're all rethinking the status quo. Let's do it together.

Where do we go from here?

There’s a sense that the status quo just isn’t cutting it anymore. People are rethinking media, stuff, family, relationships, and work. They’re engaging in new forms of business and choosing ways to live differently.

LIVE THE FUTURE/the show aims to bring leaders across all aspects of life together to discuss what’s already changed, what’s shifting now, and what we can expect in the future. The goal is to bring you new ideas, inspire you to make fresh changes, and open your eyes to emerging possibilities.


“Everywhere I look, I see friends and colleagues forging their own path. I wanted to bring together leaders on the cutting edge of these ideas to talk, create, and offer real solutions.”

– Tara Gentile, creator of LIVE THE FUTURE/the show


The future is about people, their individual values, and the connections they make with others. It’s about communities, self-expression, and the creative drive that lives within us all.


The future is emerging from what we’ve learned from our shared histories. It’s looking for the way forward, not trying to reclaim something that never was.


Far from the enemy of the future, commerce is a way to celebrate what makes us unique, our purpose in the universe, and our ability to share those things with others.

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